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On this page, you will find coloring images of horses. Horses are a stable answer when it comes to children’s favorite animals. May it be because horses are beautiful animals and companions of princesses or because they carry cowboys and knights to great adventures. Both girls and boys just love them, so they want to also draw them. Down below, you will find a great selection of different images ranging from princesses to cowboys. Teach your child about fairy tales, the wild west or medieval knights with these images. During this adventure, they will also sharpen their drawing skills.

Images - Coloring pages Horses

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Throughout history horses have proved to be of great value to humans.
Ten thousands of years ago, the horse was the main food source for human beings.
It is assumed humans started to domesticate horses about 8000 years ago.
The Mongolians were most likely the first people to succeed.
As wide open plains had changed into barren forests since the last ice age, domestication presumably also had a positive impact on the life of horses.
Horses have been and are still being used for military ends, in medicine, farming, sports, etc..

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