Discover the charm of our 'hidden-word' generator, your ultimate tool for endless puzzle fun! Whether you're a teacher aiming to enhance students' vocabulary or a puzzle enthusiast, this tool is a treasure. In just a few clicks, you can conjure up thematic puzzles filled with cleverly concealed words amidst a jumble of letters. From birthday parties to classrooms, our generator injects excitement into any setting. It's not just great fun but also an excellent way to give your brain a workout. Dive in and let the word hunt begin!

Hidden word puzzle maker -

  • 1. Enter the title and the hidden word.
  • 2. Enter a word and a clue for each letter of the hidden word.
  • 3. Click submit to print, download or solve your puzzle online.


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Looking for a hidden word puzzle generator? Edupics is the right address! To create it, all you have to do is specify the title of the grid, the hidden word, the clues and the words to include in it.
Our word puzzle can be downloaded or printed with just a few clicks. Make your own personal puzzles with our hiddenword puzzle generator!