Can I contribute to the website?

Contributions are always welcome; in the form of suggestions as well as images.
If you want to contribute images to the website, please confirm that you have the necessary permission to submit your images.

Can I print the images in different sizes?

The image will be slightly smaller if printed directly from the website (using the “print” button).
The image will be slightly larger if it is first saved to your computer and then printed.

For which purposes may I use the images?

All images may be used for individual and/or educational (non-commercial) purposes.
Sometimes, extended use is possible, but therefore you have to check the terms and conditions for that image.

! Some images for (non-commercial) educational purposes, such as those images which fall under a Creative Commons Licence, may have further, specific conditions for use. !
(like when used on another website )

This website is a collection of images from various sources.
These sources may have separate conditions for use of their images.
Please read carefully the “image information” under each image and the “Terms of Use”.

In general, it is necessary to contact the orginal publisher for permission to use any images for any purpose other than individual, (non-commercial) educative use.

When in doubt, please contact the webmaster by filling out the contact form.

I registered, but I haven’t received email confirmation.

This can have a variety of reasons:
- Confirm that you registered the correct email address.
- Check that the confirmation email did not end up in your junk mail folder.
- Some internet providers restrict certain emails.
Try registering using a different email address.

Is there a fee for downloading images?

No, this website is completely free.
You can download images by clicking on the “download” button found under the image.

What are the benefits of registration on the website?

When you register, you can create your own online personal Album.
On your Album you can save your favorite images.
To save an image to your Album, just click on the Album button under the image.
To open your Album, first log in and then open the Album link.

What does RSS mean?

RSS is a news feed that will automatically send you a message when new images are added to the website.
In order to receive these messages, you must have an RSS reader. You can download most RSS readers without charge.

When I try to download images in succession, it doesn’t work.

It is necessary to wait at least 10 seconds between downloads.
This is due to a security system designed to eliminate automatic downloads.

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