Craft Salt drawings in a jar

Zouttekeningen in een flesje, afgewerkt voorbeeld.

A beautiful piece of decoration.
Lines, layers and paterns
can form a nice landscape.
Let your fantasie go and make something
out of it! ...


What do we need? :

- Empty jar of glass with lid!
- Fine salt
- Colored cray
- Scissors and tape
- Straw
- BBQ stick
- Piece of carton
- Several sheets of paper

Benodigdheden voor deze knutsel.


How to make it ?

First of all we'll make our colors.
Take a sheet of paper and straw a handfull of salt on it.
Take a piece of colored chalk you would like to color with and rub the salt with it! (Pic.1)
On pic.2 you see six finished piles of colored salt.

Pic.1 Pic.2

To bring in the salt into the jar on a proper way, we'll need a funnel, wich we make of a piece of paper (10cmx10cm) and tape. Don't close the tip! the salt has to go through it! Pic.3
Than attach the funnel on top of a straw, make sure the tip comes in the straw. Pic.4

Pic.3 Pic.4

To egalise a layer of salt we'll need a stamper. Cut out from carton a shape shown at Pic.5 and attach to the BBQstick with tape. Make sure it can go through the opening of the jar! Pic.6

Pic.5 Pic.6

Now we have everything to start filling our jar.
Take the funnel and squeeze the straw, add a little of the colored salt you wish in the funnel. Start with the opening of the straw at the bottom of the jar. Pic.7
Make layers by moving around. Pic.8

Pic.7 Pic.8

We don't fill the middle of the jar with colored salt but with white salt, no one sees that anyway and we save our precious made colorsalt. Pic.9
Do we want a nice flat layer then we use the stamper to flatten it! Pic.10

Pic.9 Pic.10

Do you want a wavy layer the we use the stick of the stamper. Pic.11
Bring some colored salt in one corner and another color in the other corner and let it flow over eachother, just like hills! Use your imagination and experiment ... making the most beautiful paterns. Pic.12

Pic.11 Pic.12

You can make a bird in the sky with a little layer of white salt that is like 1cm long. Pic.13
Shape the bird by making a crease in the middle. Pic.14

Pic.13 Pic.14

Is the jar filled? Close it as such that the salt is squeezed in it. After a few days the salt will be setted, open the jar and add a little more of salt. Now closing definitive.


Author: Mathieu W.

Crafts for kids: Landscapes