Craft Helicopter


Made in two minutes!
A real helicopter, throw or drop it and see how it spins.

What do we need?

- Sheet of A4 paper
- Scissor
- Eventualy a paperclip


How to make it?

Take a size A4 paper and cut one fourth of it. (Pic.1) Cut 3 incisions as on Pic2.

Pic.1 Pic.2


Fold the lower left part to the middle (Pic.3) then fold the right part on the left part (Pic.4)

Pic.3 Pic.4


Fold one upper part backward and the other forward, making the wings of the helicopter.(Pic.5) Give some weight to the helicopter by folding a feet on it. (Pic.6)

Pic.5 Pic.6


Or put a paperclip on the feet. Now throw or drop it! A true helicopter!



Author: Mathieu W.

Crafts for kids: Aircrafts