Craft Friendship bracelet


To give to a friend as symbol of friendship.
Tradition wants the recipient of the gift to wear it till it fall appart!
This friendship bracelet has the candystripe pattern, easy and relative quick to make.

What do we need ?

- Colored thread
- Scissor
- Clipboard

How to make it ?

Choose the colors wanted for the bracelet. Up to four colors can be used for this bracelet.
Cut four threads at 80 cm (Pic.1) and make a knot at one end. (Pic.2)

Pic.1 Pic.2

Tie the knot firmly, leaving app. 5 cm of thread on top. (Pic.3)
Use a clipboard to hold the bracelet (Pic.4)

Pic.3 Pic.4

Always work from the left to the right. Take the left thread, in this case the red one, and make a half-hitch knot around the thread next to it, in this case the white thread. (Pic.5)
Tie up well but not too hard!(Pic.6)

Pic.5 Pic.6

Every knot has to be done twice!! So we repeat that. (Pic.7)
Tie up well again. (Pic.8)

Pic.7 Pic.8

Proceeding to the right we have the green thread to be knotted now. (Pic.9) Remember that each knot consist of two half-hitch knots!.
Put aside to the left every thread that has been knotted, this to avoid mistakes.(Pic.10)

Pic.9 Pic.10

Yellow is on turn now. (Pic.11). Every finished thread is put aside to the left now. When the thread you started with on the left lie on the right, then you've finished the first row. (Pic.12)

Pic.11 Pic.12

Now we have the white thread on the left and repeat what we've done with the red thread, make two half-hitch knots around the green thread. (Pic.13)
Two half-hitch knots around the yellow thread. (Pic.14)

Pic.13 Pic.14

Two half-hitch knots around the red thread. (Pic.15) So we've done two rows now! (Pic.16)

Pic.15 Pic.16

Now you repeat with the green thread wich is on the left now.
Here you see that all threads has been done once. Red is on the left again (Pic.17)
Almost finished! (Pic.18)
Continue knotting till the length is long enough to go around the wrist. Leave 5 cm of thread to knot one side to the other, the best knot you can use for it is a square knot.

Pic.17 Pic.18


Author: Mathieu W.

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