Craft Friendship bracelet 2


Now we are making a friendship bracelet with an
arrow pattern, using 4 threads!
It is almost the same as making the bracelet
with the candystripe pattern but with a little difference.
The half-hitch knot will still be used but now forwards aswell backwards. With this little difference we're
able to make this bracelet.

What do we need ?

- Colored thread
- Scissor
- Clipboard

How to make it ?

Take 4 threads with the color of your choice and cut at 1,60 meter.
Sort out the colors and take the treads exactly in the middle. (Pic.1) And make a knot just under the loop. (Pic.2)

Pic.1 Pic.2

Secure the threads on a clipboard, making sure the colors are still ordered (Pic.3)
Now we start making the knots from the left to the middle and from the right to the middle.
The white thread is on the left and we're making our first half-hitch knot. (Pic.4)

Pic.3 Pic.4

Tie up well but not too hard. (Pic.5)
Now make another half-hitch knot with the same threads, every knot consist of two half-hitch knots! (Pic.6)

Pic.5 Pic.6

When you finished a knot move the finished thread to the left. Red is done, it's on the left now, our white thread is next to yellow our next thread to knot with. (Pic.7)
Make two half-hitch knots with yellow. (Pic.8)

Pic.7 Pic.8

Move the yellow thread to the left as it is finished. (Pic.9)
Make two half-hitch knots with the next thread, green. The center thread. (Pic.10)

Pic.9 Pic.10

Move up the finished thread to the left, we've reached the center. (Pic.11)
Now we start from the right. Make a half-hitch knot but reversed, look carefully on the picture how it is done, then copy it. (Pic.12)

Pic.11 Pic.12

Going from the right to the middle, making two half-hitch knots around every thread till you reach the middle again. (Afb.13)
We've started with the white threads outside, having them now in the middle. To finish the first row we make two half-hitch knots with the left thread on the right one. (Pic.14)
So, that's it! first row finished!

Pic.13 Pic.14

Repeat this process with each color, first left to the middle, then right to the middle and then both middle threads. Here we finished red. Yellow will be on turn now. (Pic.15)
Then you will have green and then white again. All colors has been gone through here. Red is again on the outside. (Pic.16)

Pic.15 Pic.16

Continue till you finished the bracelet leaving some thread to knot the ends to eachother. (Pic.17)



Author: Mathieu W.

Crafts for kids: Emotions