Craft Bulletinboard of winecorks

Noticeboard of wine corks

What do we need? :

- A lot of winecorks
- Sharp knife
- Cutting board
- Glue for wood
- Measuring rod
- Pencil
- Woodsaw
- 12x12 wooden beams (to make the frame with)
- Square triplex board (size as wanted)
- 15mm nails
- Attachements with rings
- Plug and screw with a hook.
- Cord or chain to hang the board

Material needed for the noticeboard of wine corks










How to make it ?

We start with our triplex board. Seizing it to the size we want but keep in mind to adjust to the size of the corks. A cork is aprox. 4 cm long.
Size to a multiple of it plus thickness of the frame.

It is more appealing to assemble a frame with corners of 45°.
Size the wooden beams to the size of the board and cut the ends in an angle of 45°.
To do that we measure the thickness of the beam, 12mm here (Pic.1), and mark that size on the length. (Pic.2)

Pic.1 Pic.2

Draw a line from the mark to the opposite uppercorner. (Pic3) Cut on the line. (Pic.4)

Pic.3 Pic.4

Be carefull to not cut ON the line but just beside it, on the side of the waste (Pic.5). The thickness of the saw reduces a milimeter or two of your total size and you don't want that. Now we have a frame that will fit perfectly. (Pic.6)

Pic.5 Pic.6

We glue and nail the frame on the triplex board. (Pic.7-8)

Pic.7 Pic.8

Cut the corks in half, using a cutting board(Pic.9). You'll need a lot of them! (Pic.10)

Pic.9 Pic.10

Put some glue on a cork (Pic.11) Start in a corner, glue two by two. Press well. (pic.12)

Pic.11 Pic.12

Two corks side by side is approximatly the length of a cork (Pic.13) So we can make a pattern according to it. (Pic.14)

Pic.13 Pic.14

Some corks are longer (Pic.15) and you can cut a little from it to make it fit. (Pic.16)

Pic.15 Pic.16

Let dry a full day when all the corks are glued to the board. To hang the board on the wall, we'll need an attachement with rings. (Pic.17) Screw the attachement on both sides halfway on the back of the board (Pic.18).

Pic.17 Pic.18

Like this. (Pic.19-20)

Pic.19 Pic.20

Now you can hang it with a rope or chain on the wall!...

Author: Mathieu W.

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